The importance of charity

At Anne Street Partners we believe that charity is an integral part of every community. The key objective of charities is to help others- whether it be people, animals or environmental – in a wide variety of ways. For example you can help by providing financial assistance, by improving living conditions, providing medical care, giving aid and much more. A small donation can make a huge difference in another life.

Anne Street Partners charityDonation doesn’t mean money only but your precious time as well. You can volunteer your time, efforts and services in making a great difference in the world. Charity work isn’t so easy. You need passion, willingness, commitment and dedication to get the job done. No matter what it takes, it is ultimately hugely rewarding.

With donating your time, energy and skills, you not only contribute to your community and improve the lives of others, but you improve yourself as well. When someone donates their time, they can give hope, faith and wisdom to those who need it.
There are many reasons to consider volunteering your time & skills with individuals or group of people that are in need of assistance. People do volunteer work to provide assistance to those people who need help, to support a good cause, to enjoy an opportunity to work with like-minded group of people, to make a difference in the world & much more. Volunteering can provide a great boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-satisfaction. Helping others provides you with a sense of accomplishment, pride and identity.

Anne Street Partners financial planning_duke of edinburgh awardThere are so many charities that are worth donating your time and money to, but one that we sponsor is the Duke of Edinburgh Award Australia, which is Australia’s leading youth development charity. Over 33,000 Australian children participate in the Award each year and it provides them with life skills, confidence, resilience and self esteem, including those with disabilities or social need. Find out more about the Duke of Edinburgh Award Australia today

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