Spring clean your finances!

With the advent of spring, there is no better time to have a spring clean – and not just your life but your finances! It is a great time of year to go through your current financial situation and make some positive changes.

Anne Street Partners haveĀ 10 tips that will help spring clean your finances:

1.Go through your current credit card statements and assess how you are using your credit card each month. It may be that you could get a better deal by switching to a 0% card – there are often many deals which include balance transfers.

2. Download a budgeting app for your smartphone! These are great for working out budgets, reviewing your current spending habits and planning savings. Here are our favourite budgeting apps of 2015.

3. Open a new savings account. It can be very motivating to open a new savings account to start planning for the future. Whether you want to save for a holiday or upcoming wedding, it is always worth putting something in a savings account for a rainy day.

4. Organise all of your financial paperwork and put all your paper statements into folders. It is much easier to assess your financial set up when seeing it all in front of you.

5. Shred any old statements, records, bills and letters. Often we hold onto bills from 2008 for no reason! Only keep what you need.

6. If you have been putting off paying a bill or opening a statement make a point of facing it and dealing with it. You feel better once you confront any debts and face them head on! Making a payment plan is easy and enables you to plan your budgets more easily.

7. Go through all of your standing orders and direct debits. Ensure that they are all up to date and you are not paying for something you are no longer using. Cancel any that are unwanted or invalid.

8. Whilst spring cleaning your home, put any unwanted items in boxes to sell on eBay – you can reorganise your home and make some money at the same time!

9. If you have been considering a new investment, take some time to do some research and evaluation. Once you have organised your budget and spending, it is prudent to think about the future and learn about new investment opportunities.

10. Speak to a financial planner such as Anne Street Partners who can help you work out a budget, streamline your finances and give guideance on investments and retirement funds.

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