Most people subscribe to the belief that staying busy and working hard is the only recipe to success. However managing your time effectively and working smarter can enable you to work more efficiently and with a lot less stress! Financial planning experts Anne Street Partners have put together some useful tips to help you promote a smarter, more stress free work ethic!

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Adrian-Carlson_Anne Street PartnersArticle By Adrian Carlson (Head Of Home Loans)


If you’re saving for a property, it can be difficult to know when you have enough money to seriously go looking for your dream home. After all, a home loan is usually the biggest financial commitment you will make. Logic suggests you should save as much money as possible before you start looking for a property. So how much money do you really need to put a deposit on a property these days?

Everyone’s financial and life situation is different, along with their purchase requirements. However, there are certain considerations and general rules that will help you know when you’re financially ready to research a suitable professional lending institution to assist with your purchase.

Most lenders are generally willing to finance home purchases up to 95% of the property value, provided you have an exceptionally strong employment and savings / credit history, along with proof of a consistent savings plan. The loan amount will also strongly influence the lender’s decision. So if the property value is $380,000, you could obtain a home loan with a deposit of $19,000. However, you will also need to purchase mortgage insurance with less than 20% deposit.

If your employment and savings / credit history is not so strong, or you don’t have the ability to service the loan repayments, the lending institution would generally only lend up to 80% of the property value.

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Anne Street Partners has appointed Jason Dunn as Head of Strategy and Advice, having previously worked at Westpac as Head of St George, Bank of Melbourne and Bank SA Financial Planning.

“Jason is results-driven and passionate about achievement in all aspects of his life. He has a stellar record of success, not just in terms of growing businesses, but also in creating high-performing teams and increasing client satisfaction,” said Anne Street Partners chief executive Michael Adamson.

“We have every confidence that Jason’s skills and experience will allow him to drive strategy at Anne Street Partners, to the very great benefit of our clients as well as our business.”


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