The Melbourne Cup is over and that signals the start of the build up to Christmas! It is still a while off yet, but it is always good to think ahead and wise to start planning.

At Anne Street Partners we absolutely love Christmas and get excited at the thought of sunshine, barbeques, shopping and presents! However, with all of that comes the issue of financing your holidays – sometimes it can seem that all of a sudden there is a lot of extra expenditure that was fairly unexpected – drinks after work, parties to plan for and visits to family. So we thought as it is November, we would share our tips to help you plan and budget in preparation for Christmas so that you have the budget to enjoy the holidays the way you would like to!

  1. Consider family travel plans soon so that you can book flights or trains early to save money
  2. Ask family what their plans are now and arrange what you can early
  3. Work out a suitable amount for presents and try and stick to it
  4. Use a budgeting app in order to keep track of your current and projected spending
  5. Buy expensive purchases on a credit card to benefit from buyer protection cover
  6. Browse online for gifts and take advantage of any deals and offers in the weeks prior to Chrismas
  7. Check your loyalty points and see if you can benefit from any deals
  8. Write all the events you are attending in a calendar and set a budget for each
  9. If you are hosting a Christmas lunch or party, work out your menu early and buy in advance
  10.  Always try and budget a little extra to cover unexpected invites or events



Remember the true value of Christmas – spending time with your loved ones and enjoying their company whilst celebrating the end of a year and beginning of the next!

For more budgeting help and questions regarding financial planning, please speak to our team at Anne Street Partners on 135 444 who would be happy to help!


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With the advent of spring, there is no better time to have a spring clean – and not just your life but your finances! It is a great time of year to go through your current financial situation and make some positive changes.

Anne Street Partners have 10 tips that will help spring clean your finances:

1.Go through your current credit card statements and assess how you are using your credit card each month. It may be that you could get a better deal by switching to a 0% card – there are often many deals which include balance transfers.

2. Download a budgeting app for your smartphone! These are great for working out budgets, reviewing your current spending habits and planning savings. Here are our favourite budgeting apps of 2015.

3. Open a new savings account. It can be very motivating to open a new savings account to start planning for the future. Whether you want to save for a holiday or upcoming wedding, it is always worth putting something in a savings account for a rainy day.

4. Organise all of your financial paperwork and put all your paper statements into folders. It is much easier to assess your financial set up when seeing it all in front of you.

5. Shred any old statements, records, bills and letters. Often we hold onto bills from 2008 for no reason! Only keep what you need.

6. If you have been putting off paying a bill or opening a statement make a point of facing it and dealing with it. You feel better once you confront any debts and face them head on! Making a payment plan is easy and enables you to plan your budgets more easily.

7. Go through all of your standing orders and direct debits. Ensure that they are all up to date and you are not paying for something you are no longer using. Cancel any that are unwanted or invalid.

8. Whilst spring cleaning your home, put any unwanted items in boxes to sell on eBay – you can reorganise your home and make some money at the same time!

9. If you have been considering a new investment, take some time to do some research and evaluation. Once you have organised your budget and spending, it is prudent to think about the future and learn about new investment opportunities.

10. Speak to a financial planner such as Anne Street Partners who can help you work out a budget, streamline your finances and give guideance on investments and retirement funds.

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We are proud supporters of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award which is the world’s leading youth development Award, empowering young Australians to achieve their personal best and do things they never thought possible!

It is available to all 14–25 year olds, regardless of their background and is comprised of three levels each progressively more challenging. Each level includes a Service, Skill, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey, allowing young people to learn, develop and build a range of diverse skills among their peers. Anne Street Partners believe the award is so beneficial for so many young people across Australia and we wanted to share some recent positive news!

Duke of Ed Victoria has been invited to join a Sector Reference Group advising the Minister for Youth Affairs Jenny Mikakos on an exciting new youth policy.

Victorian CEO, Anoushka Gungadin, will be representing The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in the Sector Reference Group. The development of this new policy is aimed at improving government support for young Victorians and improving the outcomes for young people, especially those who are disadvantaged and disengaged.

Once finalised, the policy will build a coordinated approach to:

– youth issues across government
– increasing the focus on early intervention and prevention
– strengthening engagement and involvement by young people in policies and programs that affect them

A main priority of the framework’s development is getting young people’s feedback to ensure that the services the Victorian Government provides are relevant and give them the opportunity to stay at school, get a job and be connected with their community.

Young people are invited to join the conversation by visiting to participate in an easy online survey where they can let the government know their needs.

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Anne Street Partners are proud to be a leading Australian financial services provider. We take a unique, holistic approach to financial planning, working alongside our clients and providing them with the expertise to make informed decisions to help them reach their financial and lifestyle goals.

As part of our goal to become more connected with our users we decided that Linkedin is a great place to be and part of an excellent professional network.

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There are many reasons why we find it hard to save sometimes. It can often seem quite difficult to save when there are bills to pay, debts mounting up or social events on the horizon. But it is possible! Whether you are looking to save up some money for a rainy day, buy a car, put a deposit on house or simply start up a retirement fund, we can help you get there.

Here are some quick and easy tips to start a piggy bank!

  1. Set a budget: People often spend their entire salaries because they don’t have a budget. So make a list and prioritize your expenses. Noting your spending can really cut down your expenses considerably. Restricting yourself to a set budget and listing your most important expenses like rent, grocery, bills etc. will go a long way.
  2.  Consider cutting down your entertainment expenses one week a month. Instead of going to the cinema to watch the latest release, rent a DVD and watch something from a new genre you haven’t tried before.
  3. Set saving goals: Nothing can beat a determined mind. Set for yourself a deadline and stick to it. For example you may decide to save at least $5000 by the end of the year. Start small with $50 a month and see how it goes
  4. Explore different saving and investment strategies. For a long term goal such as house deposit, consider saving over several years with bonds or mutual funds. For more short term goals such a holidays or events, try a high interest savings account
  5. Keep a check on your savings: Keep monitoring your savings account. This will not only keep you aware of your finances, but motivate you to save up more
  6. Pay yourself: Everybody likes to spoil themselves and one way to save up is to pay yourself a specific amount from your salary each month through automatic transfers or whatever method you prefer. This way, you will be spending less because the budget that you allocate to expenses will be more limited
  7. Shop around for new deals on insurance and utilities. It always wise to compare the market and see if you can find a better deal!

For more information on how Anne Street Partners can help you plan a budget and manage your finances please contact our team today on 135 444

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