It’s a big hurdle, stepping onto the property ladder for the first time.It may even seem at first to be a mission impossible. But there are ways that you be make your first home ownership a reality. With some good sound financial advice and some choices you could be on the path to purchasing your first home.

1. Tracking your money

This is a big one. Actually monitoring your expenditure can help you save faster for your new home. This can actually help you record and monitor what you spend and more importantly where you can save money.

2. Look at your bank accounts

Make sure you are maximizing the saving and capital you have so that your bank account can work harder for you. Could there be a bank account that has a higher interest rate?

3. Renting a smaller place

Ask yourself, whether you could afford to rent a smaller place. Spending less on rent while you are saving for your first home, could lower your rental payments and enable you to accelerate your savings quicker.

4. Look at your bills

By simply paying your bills on time, could save you money on charges and other costs. By paying for them through a debit account rather than by credit card will save you even more. Consider a direct method that doesn’t attract an admin fee.

5. Grants

Are there any grants or other schemes to help home owners? There maybe some schemes in your local area that might help you.

6. Loans

Look at loans, make sure that you are getting the best deal. Simply by getting your interest rate down even a fraction could equate to much lower monthly repayment.

7. Taxes

Ask yourself is there any way you could make the tax system work to your advantage. Could you claim some taxes back or pay a lower rate?

8. Budgeting

By planning your finances better, you could be saving a lot of money in the long run. Perhaps you could set yourself a monthly budget, and then stick to it.

9. Saver Accounts

There are many savings schemes out there that can be your savings work harder. With a variety of savings and investment products you could find a way to boost your savings a little more.

10. Stamp Duty

There maybe an actual saving on stamp duty. This would actually help reduce the actual cost of home ownership.

No matter what your needs are with your new home, with a little bit of financial planning and sound financial advice you can get there. Here at Anne Street partners, we can help you every step of the way – from planning your finances to helping you find investment products to suit you.

Give our team a call today and find out more!

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Australian wealth management provider Anne Street Partners has bolstered its growing Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) division with four new strategic appointments to complement the existing team and provide taxation services for its SMSF clients.
Peter Kennewell, Paul Fewster, William Stuart and Ben Wallace have joined the Anne Street Partners team in direct response to increasing demand for an end-to-end SMSF solution.

Michael Adamson, Chief Executive Officer, and Anne Street Partners said: “The new appointments allow us to offer a one-stop-shop of SMSF capability, which facilitates a holistic approach for our clients. We understand that every Australian is looking to get more from their super and that’s exactly what we offer.”

The highly qualified recruits bring a wealth of tax and accounting experience in the highly specialised SMSF arena and are well respected in the industry. The expansion of the team will enable Anne Street Partners to further develop our high level of service and deliver a comprehensive range of services.

This expansion demonstrates our commitment to setting up, administering and managing a superior SMSF solution. It underlines our promise to enhance our proposition of value for money and achieving results”.

Anne Street Partners is an Australian wide wealth management provider with branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Newcastle. With over two decades of wealth management experience, it offers a range of solutions including: financial planning, tax solutions, estate planning strategies, direct property investment, risk management and asset protection, retirement solutions, superannuation and managed funds.

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