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In 2010, Wendy was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, an incurable and debilitating condition that changed her life overnight.

At the time of her diagnosis, Wendy, then 47, was loving life, enjoying peak career success working for a pharmaceutical company, and a newfound romance with David, whom she had met six months earlier. At first, Wendy was unable to comprehend the reality of what lay ahead. Just six weeks after her diagnosis, crippling pain meant Wendy could no longer perform her normal duties at work. When it became clear she would have to leave the job she prided herself on and which she loved, the mum of three was devastated.

Just six months prior to her diagnosis, Wendy had met with a financial adviser who suggested she take out income protection. Fortunately, Wendy listened and now, looking back, says it was one of the best decisions she had ever made. She often thinks about what her life would have been like had she not had the financial support income protection provided.

Rather than worrying about how she was going to pay her share of a new mortgage and meet her medical expenses, Wendy could focus on her treatment, and adjusting to a new life that was never part of the plan. It took three years to get her condition to a manageable level and this is where the income protection really assisted Wendy and her family.

Today Wendy is enjoying working part-time as a first aid teacher and keeps her RA symptoms under control through a strict vegan diet and plenty of exercise, especially swimming and cycling. Her health continues to have its ups and downs but her focus now is on staying well and managing her symptoms.

Hope for the best but plan for the worst

This case isn’t unique and instances like this can be found all across Australia, however Wendy was able to manage her financial situation through utilising her income protection insurance. It can make a significant difference by removing additional stress and allowing you to concentrate on recovery. Income protection is just one component that forms a comprehensive financial plan. It may be important to know which options could be available to try and help protect you and your family’s future, in the event of any unforeseen sickness or injury. If you’re unsure of your financial protection requirements, speak to your financial adviser today. They’re here to protect and build your wealth.

General Advice Disclaimer

The information contained in this article is general in nature and does not constitute personal financial advice. It has been prepared without taking into consideration your personal objectives, financial situations and needs. Before acting on any information contained in this article you should consider the appropriateness of the information having regard to your objectives, financial situations and needs.

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Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Entrepreneurship is the one and only path through which individuals can realize their financial dreams and one of the easiest and most effective mode of investing comes in the form of real estate. Real estate is a perfect avenue to make substantial financial gains over a long period of time while keeping the costs and liabilities low. Below we discuss some of the reasons that make real estate a perfect investment option for budding entrepreneurs.

Stable Cash Flows

The most attractive feature in real estate is the stable and regular cash flows. Most businesses make millions in profit, but struggle to maintain a healthy cash flow required to meet their financial obligations and continue investing towards their long-term financial plan.

Cash flows from real estate are far more stable and predictable as compared to other businesses in America. This is an amazing advantage to have when an entrepreneur is in the initial stages of his investment. Having an extra sum in your hand can be great for ups and downs in an individual’s life.


The Loan Payment

Most individuals hesitate to start their own business due to the high risk of losses or lack of strong financial backing. But in real estate, it is extremely easy to take loans from the bank. These loans would be essentially paid by the tenant and the investor would continue enjoying the increase in the net worth of the asset over time.

Today an investor might owe $200,000 on a property, but next year as the tenant continues to make the payment towards the loan he may only owe $195,000, which means that he gets $5000 wealthier without doing anything. When the loan is completely paid off on the property he would have a substantial asset in his hand that he can sell or continue renting out for a regular cash flow.

Tax Benefits

If a business earns $100,000 during a year and a real estate business also earns $100,000 during a year then the real estate business would be able to keep more of its money. There can be different kinds of perks and tax benefits that ensure that the real estate investors get higher savings on their earnings.

Inflation and Capital Appreciation

There is an established economic principle that the value of money declines over time and commodities become more expensive while for other kinds of businesses this means lesser profits or higher costs, but for a real estate investor the prices of the properties increase in line with other commodities but their liabilities on mortgage payments remain fixed. This amazing feature ensures that the investor earns rent at the market rate that would keep increasing over time while his liabilities remain fixed at a certain amount.

The decline in the value of money would also inflate the price of the property that means the investor would be getting dual benefits out of his money in the form of capital appreciation while having to pay off fixed amount of mortgage payments.

For more information and advice on investing in real estate, please contact our team at Anne Street Partners or call 135 444 today!

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Most people subscribe to the belief that staying busy and working hard is the only recipe to success. However managing your time effectively and working smarter can enable you to work more efficiently and with a lot less stress! Financial planning experts Anne Street Partners have put together some useful tips to help you promote a smarter, more stress free work ethic!

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The New Year has come, and with it a wide range of new opportunities! This is the reason why the team at Anne Street Partners have created a small, comprehensive list of motivational tips that will help you get the best out of the new business year.

  1. Smart goals

The first thing that you need to do is to create smart goals that are based on specificity, measurability, attainability, relevance and time. All of these are essential if you want to bring efficiency into your company and generate the best outcome in the end.

  1. Networking

You need to create a valid, professional networking strategy that will enable your company to get the best possible outcome at all times. Try to create fruitful, long running relationships with your customers by providing the best value, and this is how you will get some repeat clients that will help you expand your business.

  1. Imagination

You can’t get far without imagination and innovation. Being able to innovate is the number one requirement in 2015, so try to bring as many new ideas for your business, because this is the only way to get astonishing results this year!

  1. Get into the action

Planning is very important for any business, but if you want good results the reality is that you need to act as fast as possible, once you get an idea that might be very valuable for your business. Remember, the faster you act, the better the results that you can get, so don’t waste any valuable time.

  1. Use forecasting

Forecasting is essential if you want to find any problems and glitches in your business, and this can also prepare you for any unfortunate events that might appear in the future. It’s important to have some data to work with in 2015, so do try and implement forecasting into your business.

  1. Learning from mistakes you have made

Believe it or not, learning from mistakes is one of the most important things that you can do in 2015. The best thing here is that learning from mistakes is very useful when it comes to creating better products and services, a situation in which everyone wins, from your company to its customers and even your field of work.

  1. Stay positive

2015, just like any other year, can bring some unfortunate events for your business, but you need to try and stay positive at all times in order to get the best results. Remember, with the help of positive thinking you can always bring a positive outcome to your business!

  1. Find an inspiration

There are many companies on the market that have achieved amazing results without too much investment. Try to learn from them, everything from pricing methods to strategies and all other things you can gather from their own experience. Of course, feel free to overcome your inspiration source and instill your own idea, but getting an inspiration basis for 2015 is indeed a necessary thing to do.

  1. Take breaks

Sometimes, the best results come when you work smart, not continually. Taking a breather might give you some amazing approaches when you come back to work, and this is why you need to try and create a balance between the company’s endeavors and your personal life.

  1. Use the Internet the right way

You can use the internet to motivate yourself, but when it comes to the business side you can easily increase the exposure and efficiency of your company with a better marketing plan. Create a site, blog, use more social media sites than before, and interact with the customer base. This is essential if you want to get impressive results in the end!

In conclusion, these are the best 10 motivational tips that you need to follow in 2015. Thanks to them, you will be able to get great results from your business, so don’t hesitate to implement as part of your plan for the year.

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Owning a business for the first time is hugely exciting! The first year of any business is busy, challenging and can be a little bit daunting. There are so many areas you have to focus on that it can be quite a juggle!

Here at Anne Street Partners, we have helped many first time business owners navigate their way through the more complex matters of finance and taxation, allowing them more time to focus on what they do best.

We have put together our top 5 tips to help you manage your first year in business:

1) Organise, organise, organise! We cannot stress this point enough – organisation is key to success. Keep folders for every aspect of your finances as it really helps organise you. It helps to make an effort early on in your business so that it becomes habit. Keeping organised helps with planning for your tax return…

2) Keep all receipts for your tax returns – This is again very important. In order to help your accountants, make sure you keep all your receipts – especially those larger business purchases. Organise them by month in a folder. This allows you to easily flick through months and work out average spend by month – as well as help your accountants. Start a basic spreadsheet of outgoings and use this as a benchmark of spending.

3) Know what you do, do what you know: This old adage rings very true in business. Starting a business is quite easy. But making it a success is more likely if you do what you know – if you have passion for what you do and if you do it because your heart is in it. Know your strengths and weaknesses and focus on building your business around your talents, rather than just profits.

4) Learn from your mistakes – In a new business you will undergo a steep learning curve and you will make mistakes. That is part of what makes the first year in business an exciting one! How you handle problems and issues is what makes all the difference. Remember, no one can plan for everything!

5) Talk to our business team here at Anne Street Partners: We can help you in organising your finances, business plans and your first tax return. Our financial planners have a wealth of experience in helping business owners make a success in their first year. Contact our team today for more information and impartial advice on 135 444

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