Duke of Edinburgh Award Australia

We are proud supporters of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award which is the world’s leading youth development Award, empowering young Australians to achieve their personal best and do things they never thought possible!

It is available to all 14–25 year olds, regardless of their background and is comprised of three levels each progressively more challenging. Each level includes a Service, Skill, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey, allowing young people to learn, develop and build a range of diverse skills among their peers. Anne Street Partners believe the award is so beneficial for so many young people across Australia and we wanted to share some recent positive news!

Duke of Ed Victoria has been invited to join a Sector Reference Group advising the Minister for Youth Affairs Jenny Mikakos on an exciting new youth policy.

Victorian CEO, Anoushka Gungadin, will be representing The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in the Sector Reference Group. The development of this new policy is aimed at improving government support for young Victorians and improving the outcomes for young people, especially those who are disadvantaged and disengaged.

Once finalised, the policy will build a coordinated approach to:

– youth issues across government
– increasing the focus on early intervention and prevention
– strengthening engagement and involvement by young people in policies and programs that affect them

A main priority of the framework’s development is getting young people’s feedback to ensure that the services the Victorian Government provides are relevant and give them the opportunity to stay at school, get a job and be connected with their community.

Young people are invited to join the conversation by visiting www.youthcentral.vic.gov.au to participate in an easy online survey where they can let the government know their needs.

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At Anne Street Partners we believe that charity is an integral part of every community. The key objective of charities is to help others- whether it be people, animals or environmental – in a wide variety of ways. For example you can help by providing financial assistance, by improving living conditions, providing medical care, giving aid and much more. A small donation can make a huge difference in another life.

Anne Street Partners charityDonation doesn’t mean money only but your precious time as well. You can volunteer your time, efforts and services in making a great difference in the world. Charity work isn’t so easy. You need passion, willingness, commitment and dedication to get the job done. No matter what it takes, it is ultimately hugely rewarding.

With donating your time, energy and skills, you not only contribute to your community and improve the lives of others, but you improve yourself as well. When someone donates their time, they can give hope, faith and wisdom to those who need it.
There are many reasons to consider volunteering your time & skills with individuals or group of people that are in need of assistance. People do volunteer work to provide assistance to those people who need help, to support a good cause, to enjoy an opportunity to work with like-minded group of people, to make a difference in the world & much more. Volunteering can provide a great boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-satisfaction. Helping others provides you with a sense of accomplishment, pride and identity.

Anne Street Partners financial planning_duke of edinburgh awardThere are so many charities that are worth donating your time and money to, but one that we sponsor is the Duke of Edinburgh Award Australia, which is Australia’s leading youth development charity. Over 33,000 Australian children participate in the Award each year and it provides them with life skills, confidence, resilience and self esteem, including those with disabilities or social need. Find out more about the Duke of Edinburgh Award Australia today http://www.dukeofed.com.au/

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We are so proud at Anne Street Partners of our association with such a wonderful charity who help so many children and young adults in Australia today and across the world.

Perhaps you have heard of the Duke of Edinburgh Award in passing—you know it has something to do with education and children—but what does this award actually do to benefit the children of Australia?

Well, first, let’s look at the Duke of Ed’s goals. This award aims to empower young people in Australia to pursue their dreams through curriculum and programs designed along with each participant.

This puts them on the right track to achieve incredible things further down the road in their lives.

One such opportunity for Duke of Ed participants is a Residential Project that involves traveling someplace new in the world and helping with a community improvement project there. This could involve construction, farming, or other similar activities, but it definitely means an improved sense of self and achievement for all involved!

Another promising aspect of the Duke of Edinburgh Award is the Adventurous Journey (known as the ‘AJ’) which allows participants to bond with their mates—both old and new—while experiencing a new place. Along the way they will learn problem solving skills, perseverance, and gain a cooperative spirit.

However, these things don’t come simply; it will take guts and determination to make it through the AJ. Participants may even surprise themselves at what they can achieve when working together with their mates!

Further, and perhaps most importantly, participants will come back from the AJ with a whole set of new stories, experiences, and a determined spirit that will help them tackle any challenges that come their way for the rest of their lives.

Through the experiences of team work and leadership, the Duke of Ed is such a valuable enrichment program for young people to be a part of.

With Christmas approaching we ask you to please visit their website and find out more about what they do and if you can, please donate to support this fantastic charity – http://www.dukeofed.com.au


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