Christmas is only 7 weeks away and now is the time to start planning for gifts, travel plans and events.

According to a survey from Pocketbook, Australians tend to spend around 30% of their income on discretionary spending (non-bills) in the year, but around Christmas that doubles – meaning we spend around 60% of our income on gifts, food, travel and more around this time of year.

This infographic presents some interesting data as to how Australians spend money during the holidays and the average amount spent on gifts:


With this in mind, we have 5 tips to help save money for Christmas:

  • Ditch the coffee! We love coffee but in the weeks before Christmas consider cutting back on the takeaway coffee. With the average flat white costing $4.25, that can be quite a saving each week!
  • Bring a packed lunch to work. This can seem a little boring but for a short time before Christmas it can save you average of $8-15 per day, which can add up quickly.
  • Change the way you shop for groceries. Mix things up and try shopping at your local market or try Aldi as it is significantly cheaper than IGA or Coles due to their reduced overheads.
  • Check to see if you can get cashback on any of your purchases in the run up to Christmas, have a look online and compare some of the current deals available.
  • Limit spending on evenings out (temporarily!). Save some of the money you would spend going for drinks or dinner at the weekend and enjoy meeting friends in the park, going to the beach or a quiet night with Netflix. This will allow you to enjoy more in the festive season!

We hope you found these tips useful and find Anne Street Partners on LinkedIn for more news and advice in the right up to Christmas!

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This year the team at Anne Street Partners are very excited for Christmas and the entire festive season! It is that time of year when you can catch up with your family & friends and have a well deserved break! It is a busy time and with so much to do, it you can easily forget some of the important things – such as posting Christmas cards on time or securing travel plans. We have put together a video which goes through some of our tips to keep you organised in the run up to Christmas this year!

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With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it is getting down to the wire on gift-buying time. With so little time and so many people to buy gifts for, it can get difficult to keep track of your spending. However, with a few simple tricks, you can keep within your budget while still giving everything just what they want.

First, you have to determine exactly how much money you are willing to spend on Christmas gifts. This can vary from person to person, and will also likely vary depending upon how many people you plan to buy gifts for. When you have a hard limit on your spending, it can be very easy to keep yourself under the limit.

Simply take the limit you set for yourself and divide it by the number of people you need to buy gifts for. If you keep the total cost of the gifts you buy for each person under that per person limit, you will not go over your overall limit, thus achieving your goal.

However, how can you best track your purchases? Well, that’s where tracking methods have to come in. Either you can use one of many purchase tracking apps on your smartphone or you can use good old pen and paper. Either write down or record each purchase you make, keeping a running total of your spending. If you do this for each person, you will stay happily within budget, and your loved ones’ gifts will all be accounted for!

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