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A hearty congratulations goes out to the Anne Street Partners Office of the Year for 2017 – Melbourne! For the second year in the row, Melbourne has taken this prestigious accolade – attributed to the continual improvement of the advice process and dedication to quality financial advice and customer service. Well done to team Melbourne!

If you’re looking for financial advice, home or investment loans, superannuation or SMSF guidance, personal insurance, investment solutions or taxation services – get in touch with the team on 135 444. They’ll be happy to help.

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Congratulations goes out to Mustafa Haddad – Winner 2017 who took home the hotly contested Anne Street Partners Finance Manager Award for 2017!


Mustafa was honored to receive the Award – given the significant level of competition between the finance teams across the country. Mustafa’s unwavering dedication to his client’s portfolios has seen him take this Award home. Mustafa is known for his fierce determination and tenacity for helping his clients achieve great outcomes – he has been a finalist in the industry recognised MPA “Young Guns” and “Young Broker of the Year 2016” and finalist in the 2017 Australian Mortgage Awards. If you’re looking to refinance, purchase your first home, investment property or purchase an investment through your SMSF talk to Mustafa first – or 02 8651 1857

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Fiona Olmedo, Financial Adviser, Sydney won the – Anne Street Partners Financial Adviser of the Year! Her tremendous energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism have seen her take the award on Friday 25th August.


Fiona was delighted to receive the Financial Adviser of the Year award and spoke about the fierce competition she faced across the Anne Street Partners Office network. Ultimately her continual drive to build brighter futures for her clients and the feedback she received has been recognised by senior leaders of Anne Street Partners. If you’d like to speak to Fiona about any financial service requirement you may have, email her direct at She’s be delighted to assist you.

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Members of The Anne Street Partners Executive Leadership Team were delighted to join The Hon. Adrian Piccoli, Minister for Education and The Hon. Luke Foley, Leader of the Opposition to launch the “Duke of Ed Employer” initiative to a group of over ninety attending MPs, business supporters and community organisations at Parliament House, Sydney on Wednesday. This initiative is designed to encourage young Australians to take part in the Award, then recognise the achievements by endorsing the Award during the recruitment process.

As a Duke of Ed Employer, Anne Street Partners is proud to support The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Australia and the incredible work they undertake to support, develop and challenge young Australians to reach their potential with both our charitable activities and during our recruitment process. Here our Group CEO – Michael Adamson, GM of Strategy & Distribution – Jason Dunn are joined by The Hon. Shane Stone and The Hon. Sandra Nori at the Launch on Wednesday.

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Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Entrepreneurship is the one and only path through which individuals can realize their financial dreams and one of the easiest and most effective mode of investing comes in the form of real estate. Real estate is a perfect avenue to make substantial financial gains over a long period of time while keeping the costs and liabilities low. Below we discuss some of the reasons that make real estate a perfect investment option for budding entrepreneurs.

Stable Cash Flows

The most attractive feature in real estate is the stable and regular cash flows. Most businesses make millions in profit, but struggle to maintain a healthy cash flow required to meet their financial obligations and continue investing towards their long-term financial plan.

Cash flows from real estate are far more stable and predictable as compared to other businesses in America. This is an amazing advantage to have when an entrepreneur is in the initial stages of his investment. Having an extra sum in your hand can be great for ups and downs in an individual’s life.


The Loan Payment

Most individuals hesitate to start their own business due to the high risk of losses or lack of strong financial backing. But in real estate, it is extremely easy to take loans from the bank. These loans would be essentially paid by the tenant and the investor would continue enjoying the increase in the net worth of the asset over time.

Today an investor might owe $200,000 on a property, but next year as the tenant continues to make the payment towards the loan he may only owe $195,000, which means that he gets $5000 wealthier without doing anything. When the loan is completely paid off on the property he would have a substantial asset in his hand that he can sell or continue renting out for a regular cash flow.

Tax Benefits

If a business earns $100,000 during a year and a real estate business also earns $100,000 during a year then the real estate business would be able to keep more of its money. There can be different kinds of perks and tax benefits that ensure that the real estate investors get higher savings on their earnings.

Inflation and Capital Appreciation

There is an established economic principle that the value of money declines over time and commodities become more expensive while for other kinds of businesses this means lesser profits or higher costs, but for a real estate investor the prices of the properties increase in line with other commodities but their liabilities on mortgage payments remain fixed. This amazing feature ensures that the investor earns rent at the market rate that would keep increasing over time while his liabilities remain fixed at a certain amount.

The decline in the value of money would also inflate the price of the property that means the investor would be getting dual benefits out of his money in the form of capital appreciation while having to pay off fixed amount of mortgage payments.

For more information and advice on investing in real estate, please contact our team at Anne Street Partners or call 135 444 today!

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