Budgeting for Christmas


The Melbourne Cup is over and that signals the start of the build up to Christmas! It is still a while off yet, but it is always good to think ahead and wise to start planning.

At Anne Street Partners we absolutely love Christmas and get excited at the thought of sunshine, barbeques, shopping and presents! However, with all of that comes the issue of financing your holidays – sometimes it can seem that all of a sudden there is a lot of extra expenditure that was fairly unexpected – drinks after work, parties to plan for and visits to family. So we thought as it is November, we would share our tips to help you plan and budget in preparation for Christmas so that you have the budget to enjoy the holidays the way you would like to!

  1. Consider family travel plans soon so that you can book flights or trains early to save money
  2. Ask family what their plans are now and arrange what you can early
  3. Work out a suitable amount for presents and try and stick to it
  4. Use a budgeting app in order to keep track of your current and projected spending
  5. Buy expensive purchases on a credit card to benefit from buyer protection cover
  6. Browse online for gifts and take advantage of any deals and offers in the weeks prior to Chrismas
  7. Check your loyalty points and see if you can benefit from any deals
  8. Write all the events you are attending in a calendar and set a budget for each
  9. If you are hosting a Christmas lunch or party, work out your menu early and buy in advance
  10.  Always try and budget a little extra to cover unexpected invites or events



Remember the true value of Christmas – spending time with your loved ones and enjoying their company whilst celebrating the end of a year and beginning of the next!

For more budgeting help and questions regarding financial planning, please speak to our team at Anne Street Partners on 135 444 who would be happy to help!


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