Best Budgeting Apps for 2014

Budgeting we admit, is not always the easiest of tasks! But it can be hugely rewarding and beneficial. Tracking all of your expenditure, receipts, payments and savings can seem monumental, especially if it is not all from the same account. Luckily there are a huge range of apps that are there to help – taking out all the effort and time from it!

Here are some of the best apps for budgeting in 2014:

1) Mint:

Intuit’s Mint is one of the leading budgeting tools,with over 10 million users worldwide. It is free and suitable for IOS and Android. It has an easy to use interface, and tracks spending, budgets your income and helps you set financial goals. You can sync the app with your online bank accounts – offering real integration and usability. For detailed budgeting it can break down all of your spending into multiple categories and can even send you emails detailing your financial habits – and how to improve them.

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2) Manilla

This is another free app and also a great choice. It has the ability to manage various financial areas with over 3000 accounts covered. All you have to do is search for the company name, add your account and login credentials and it will be there.

This covers areas such as bills, travel rewards, subscriptions etc. Very handy and useful – as it saves you logging into multiple accounts. Security is a high feature of this app, as well as easy to use navigation.

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3. Toshl Finance

This is a fun app, well designed with cartoon characters and colourful interface. To start with Toshl, you must create an account with them which sits in their cloud. Uers can track income and expenses, set savings goals, create scheduled expenses and view basic graphs to see where they’re at financially. Users have to manually enter transactions which can seem laborious if you have a larger expenditure. But it is a great app for younger people or those just starting to consider their budget and spending habits.

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