Anne Street Partners – Top 10 Tips for New Businesses

Anne Street Partners know that starting up a new venture or setting up a new business may sound intimidating; however if done rightly it can not only become your step way to success but can also become a great source of income for you. Here are some of our tips for new businesses!

Live Your Dream

If you make turn your hobby into your business, or follow a business plan which will make your life-long dreams come true, then you won’t have to work even a single day. Unite your work and passion and let the magic happen. This will ensure that you are not working only for the sake of money. Remember everyone has a dream however only a few dare to believe in it and even fewer work towards it. Those who do are a class apart and they are the ones who get to live an enjoyable and rewarding life.


Anne Street Partners focus

Stay Focused!

While the young investors are prone to be tempted by the opportunities but it is necessary to stay focused and dedicated to the original plan. Try to be a perfectionist in whatever you do. Every venture is important and it requires your ultimate focus until it gets on its feet and starts operating smoothly. Only then can you allow yourself to indulge in the temptation of new opportunities.

Contribute to the Community

It is much more rewarding and gratifying to see the positive impact that your business has on the life of others than the usual financial gain. It has been known that the people who work for altruistic ventures are more dedicated to their jobs and are satisfied with their professional lives than those who work merely for the financial gain.

Frugality is your lifeline

Anne Street Partners finances

Keep track of your finances!

Many new entrepreneurs are prone to dreams that exceed their current budgets. You need to be stringent in your expenditures and should be ready to continue to be so for a few years till you make your mark. 

Spend Quality Time with your Family

Your family are important and most likely a bit part of why you wish to succeed financially. Prioritize your life accordingly and always put family above work.

Never Give Up

Even if the odds seem to be against you, ever give up. True entrepreneurship is a risky business but it also gives you a sense of excitement, accomplishment and adventure. Remember there is no difficulty that cannot be surmounted. You just need to work hard enough and give it your best shot. Where there is a will there is a way!

Know when it is time to step back

It is important to know when you need to step back so as to avoid further damage to your or your venture. Don’t let your ego stand in the way of a wise step back. And more importantly don’t let your failures get to you. Rather turn them into a learning experience and make careful analysis of what went wrong and where did you make the mistake. Some of the best life lessons are learned the hard way.

Keep challenging your limits

No matter how hard you think you are pushing yourself, remember that you have not explored your true potential. Keep challenging yourself. Try to break you own record from day to day and you will find the sweet fruit of your efforts.

Organize and Plan

Anne Street Partners organise

Keep a diary and get organised

In order to work in an organized manner it is necessary to plan in an organized manner. Make lists. Assign tasks. Maintain a log book for everything. This will help you a lot in the long run.

Learn from your Mistakes

Yes, you will make many of them because no matter how meticulously you lay out your perfect plan, you are sure to run into a few glitches. Remember the age old adage it is not a mistake to make a mistake; it is a mistake to repeat a mistake. However it is equally important to remember that life does not offer you many chances; learn to think in your feet.

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